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Kinesiology Meridian Balance

The use of the amazing tool of Kinesiology muscle testing taps into the mental/emotions, biochemistry, physical structure, and energetic aspects of the body.  In this way, the client's body reveals the imbalances that need correcting.

We use muscle testing to assess and address imbalances within the body, which may be affecting the person’s health and well-being, whether that be emotionally, mentally, physically or energetically.

Kinesiology is based on the principle that energy runs through the body along meridians or ‘channels’, all of which correspond to a particular organ, chakra, nadi or part of the  body.  When this energy is free-flowing and balanced we feel energised, motivated, healthy, happy and content. However stress, physical or emotional issues and traumas can cause meridians to become unbalanced or blocked, which can delay healing and cause depression, heaviness, ill-health, frustration, lack of positive flow in relationships, finances, health, mental capacity, memory, relaxation, contentment and success.

What is Muscle Testing?

At its simplest, kinesiology tests a range of muscles that provide ‘feedback’ about the balance of energy within the body. If a particular muscle is ‘weak’, different techniques will be applied by the therapist to release the blocked energy until the muscle responds as ‘strong’, indicating that the balance of energy in the body has been restored. 

What to Expect

Muscle testing and Kinesiology are carried out fully clothed, either in person or via Zoom (and can be carried out distantly too). 


After the initial consultation, we will balance your Emotional Stress Release Points, release Electro-Magnetic Stress, balance your right and left brain hemispheres, test that you are hydrated, then systematically test and balance each of your 14 main meridians using gentle pressure to work specific reflex points on the head and/or body.


You may also require adrenal balance acupressure points to be worked.


Other techniques that may be used in any one session include testing for food sensitivities and beneficial supplements, flower essences, release of trapped emotions or trapped trauma energy with Emotion Codes and Body Codes, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), sound healing, crystal therapy, Theta DNA Healing, Heart-Wall Clearing, Reiki Healing, Angelic Reiki, counselling, supportive life-coaching.


  • Helps you feel energised, balanced, grounded, motivated, empowered, happy and content

  • Helps locate and release the cause of physical symptoms so the body can heal

  • Strengthens the immune system, benefits digestion, sleep, releases headaches

  • Helps release stress, anxiety, emotional triggers or reactions and process shock and trauma

  • Enhances finances and relationships

  • Releases negative emotional effects of depression, guilt, anger, phobias, addictions

  • Helps with social interaction and relationship problems, intuitive sensitives and HSPs

  • Assists with learning difficulties and concentration

  • Helps clear the cause of procrastination and assists with motivation and life direction

  • Assists with feeling stuck or disconnected and improves clarity, focus, awareness

  • Aligns your energy with your goals

  • Empowers you to make conscious decisions

  • Enhances self-awareness

  • Helps you feel better, lighter and happier within yourself.

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